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Depot Services

OUR Depot services include the repair, maintenance, storage and redistribution of intermodal equipment. MRS-CMC operates depot services throughout the Eastern portion of the US. MRS is a leader in utilizing applied technology to better service our customers and to clearly document our handling and services, such as M&R.

Maintenance and Repair

We perform timely maintenance and repair services according to the highest industry standards. MRS is well-versed in industry standards such as AAR, IICL, OSHA and TMC. All our technicians go through periodic training on the latest repair and safety standards.

Mobile Repair

Premium service for radius near Marine and Rail terminals to provide exceptional trucker experience. MRS appreciates the importance of overall operating condition and has deployed a rational road service model to assist our customers within a given radius of marine and rail terminals.

EDI and Handheld Service

We have been honing our handheld technologies over the years to provide more process efficiency and customer visibility. Moreover, we embrace the adage to trust and verify and that these tools also provide our customers with stronger compliance to CSA regulations.